Interactive City

Accenture Interactive

For the launch of Accenture Interactive Argentina, together with Sake we developed and executed an activation that consisted of transforming the experience of users when arriving at the event, instead of meeting a person who welcomed them, they met digital receptionists.


In a separated room, the real actors posed in front of a kinect, which captured their image, an image editing software modified the visual to adjust the video to the aesthetics of the event.

The actors were able to listen and speak with the users through a system of GoPro cameras and microphones that maintained a fluid communication between both spaces.

At the event's entrance, users faced a customized totem with the aesthetics of the event. A vertical screen was the space where the live video of the actors was played.

Users received a virtual reception and interacted with the receptionists as if they were standing in front of each other.

Interactive City



  • Santi MayaProduct Manager
  • Sake Argentina